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Charlotte Surgical Recovery & Wellness, PLLC

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Charlotte, 28031

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Servicing patients at home & abroad to protect surgical results, and to promote healing

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Charlotte Surgical Recovery & Wellness, PLLC
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Charlotte, 28031

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24 hours a day
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Emergency Medicine and Plastics Registered Nurses

About Charlotte Surgical Recovery & Wellness, PLLC

We prioritize your recovery journey, understanding its significance in achieving optimal results and improved well-being. With our expertise in pain management, wound care, and personalized recovery plans, we're committed to ensuring a smooth and successful recovery tailored to your unique needs and lifestyle. Trust in our experienced Emergency Room and Plastic Surgery Nurses to prioritize your safety and well-being, whether recovering at home or while traveling for out-of-state surgeries.

Transportation Services

Ensure stress-free travel to and from appointments with our dedicated transportation assistance.

Discharge and Follow Up Coordination Seamless coordination of  post-surgical care with your surgeon for optimal recovery.

Pain Management

Experience relief and comfort with our specialized techniques for managing post-surgery pain effectively.

Wound Care

Receive expert guidance and support for proper wound care procedures to promote healing and minimize complications.

IV Hydration

Experience  the rejuvenating benefits of IV hydration therapy, vital for replenishing fluids and promoting recovery.

Dressing and Binder Changes

Learn essential instructions for changing dressings and binders to maintain cleanliness and support recovery.

Nutrition and Meal Preparation

Embrace  the importance of post-surgery nutrition with tailored meal preparation services to support healing and overall health.

Personal Care Service

Receive compassionate assistance with essential personal hygiene tasks to maintain comfort and well-being during recovery.

Surgical Drain Care

Ensure proper care and maintenance of surgical drains to prevent infections and aid in the healing process.

Comfort Services 

Enhance  relaxation and well-being with specialized techniques like sleep positioning, meditation, and aromatherapy.

Light Housekeeping

Ease your recovery journey with assistance for light household chores, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment for healing.

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